Enjoy the benefits of unlimited rock climbing! Here is a few reasons why you should be part of the family:

That’s right, early 2016 Urban is opening two new world class facilities.

  • It’s a great mental and physical workout.

    Since every route is different, you constantly have to figure out where to best put your arms, legs, hands and feet, while gauging energy levels, distances, and your own personal skill level. At the same time you’re burning calories, toning your muscles and slowly help you get over your fear of heights. Rock climbing increases your strength, balance and flexibility while improving your risk-assessment and problem solving skills.

  • It’s incredibly social.

    Everyone who rock climbs needs a belayer, which means you’re never alone. Since other people will often offer advice or encouragement, friendships are easily forged.

  • It’s inexpensive.

    A membership at Urban Climb can be as low as $25.85 per week, everything included. For members we also offer unbeatable deals on equipment for those that are ready to buy their own.

  • There’s a great sense of accomplishment every time you go.

    In a world where so much of the work we do is through computers, there’s something incredibly satisfying about physically making your way to top and then feeling empowered enough to do it again.

  • Become a rock climber

    With unlimited access to our facilities, including leading, bouldering, training room and yoga, you’ll be climbing cliff faces in no time.


What do I get?

  • Unlimited climbing
  • Member only access from 6am Monday to Friday
  • Free classes. Yoga and ClimbFit completely FREE.
  • 20% off on all proshop purchases
  • Special invites to events
  • Free locker hire
  • Bring a climbing buddy once per month for free and another one for just $12
  • Huge discounts on courses
  • Try obligation free for 30 days !


Memberships at Urban Climb are tailored to suit the individual

No Contract Membership


6 Months Membership


12 Months Membership