ClimbTek – 6 week technique course

Urban Climb has cancelled ClimbTek in order to redesign it – please check back soon.

Urban Climb has spent years perfecting this class and has developed it in conjunction with some of the best climbers and coaches in Australia.

Over the 6 week you will cover:

– Advanced footwork, key to all good climbing

– Balance

– Vertical and overhung skills

– Sequencing (both dynamic and static)

Along with the crazy skills that you will perfect there is the amazing social scene.  Spending 6 weeks with other enthused climbers, all supporting each others growth and success, culminates with and end of term outing – it’s a secret where, so don’t miss out.

ClimbFit – Get the most out of your time.  ClimbFit is free for members and is the circuit based fitness course developed to work with the skills being perfected in ClimbTek, don’t miss out.


  • $200 for Members – it’s good to be a member
  • $400 for NON-Members

Currently Urban Climb is re-writing ClimbTek with the intention of bringing it back shortly.