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Yes! Climbing is great fun and perfect for children, there are a few things you must know:

Anyone under 18 must have the waiver completed by a parent or legal guardian. If you’re bringing your own children, no problem, you can complete the paperwork.

If you’re bring other children other than your own, please make sure their parent fills our forms. They can be accessed on the Waiver page.

Please also remember that a child must be 13 or over to belay. If your child is 12 or under, you or another 13+ will have to belay for them whilst they climb.

Essentially No!

Climbing does usually involve two people, a climber and a belayer. However if you’re a lone wolf we have a massive bouldering area which not only allows for solo climbing, but will also introduce you to plenty of other climbers.

We also have autobelays for solo climbers looking to get some practice in on some of our most popular routes.

If you’re looking for a partner, head over to our facebook page and get involved, we have many climbers regularly teaming up for Urban sessions. Another great way to meet people starting out in climbing and looking for a partner is to join one of our courses. Check out Climbing 101.

Absolutely not. The great thing about climbing indoor at Urban Climb is we have areas and climbs dedicated to brand new climbers like you. If you can climb a ladder you’ll be fine!

We also have courses specifically geared to take a first timer and turn them into a fully fledged climber. Check our Climbing 101 !

There are no age restrictions for climbing. If you or your child are big enough to safely fit into a harness and young enough to safely participate in physical activity, we’re happy for you to climb. As a guide, usually a 3 year old is big enough for a harness.

We do however have an age restriction on belaying, bouldering and climbing on the autobelay. You must be 13 or over for these activities due to the added responsibility they require.

Comfortable clothes. You need to be able to move, the kind of thing you would wear to the gym or a yoga class is usually ideal. Generally skirts or restrictive clothing is  a bad idea. Also please remember to wear or bring socks if you will require hire shoes. Jewellery should be removed.

Absolutely! Head to our first time visitors page for all the details.

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