Urban’s Climbing Festivals – be a part of the community

Urban Climb is famous throughout Australia for hosting the most amazing festivals.

Whether you have just started climbing or you are the next pro, our climbing festivals are events you don’t want to miss.

Each year we run a BoulderFest and LeadFest, which has the best route setting team in Australia, an amazing competitors village and awesome entertainment throughout the 2 day festival.

Make sure your a part of the community – come join us.

Upcoming Festivals – join us

LeadFest 2015

Urban Climbs 2015 LeadFest will be the most epic lead festival in Australia. Our route setters have an amazing plan for this year, so keep an eye on facebook so you can get an early bird registration.

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Lead Nations 2015

That’s right The 2015 National Lead competition will be held at Urban Climb. This event will attract the best climbers from all over Australia, but Urban has not forgotten about those who are not the next Sharma, so be sure to keep an eye on this event. Details will be posted through Facebook.

BoulderFest 2015

BoulderFest has always been the climbing event of the year and this year it is going to be even better. Urban prides itself on always running a crazy festival with a category for everyone, from beginners to pro. Make sure you don’t miss this event! Facebook will release all the details.