A bustling community.

Come here on a weekday night and you will find a bustling community of friendly locals and working professionals who by luck or coincidence have uncovered the sport of climbing right here in west end.

Our instructors.

Every Instructor at Urban is passionate about their sport, want to make their day? Ask them any question about technique, climbing gear or their involvement in climbing and the local climbing community.

The gym.

The walls in the gym range through different gradients to really put your climbing to the test. From beginner to advanced, we have slab, steep and overhang to keep you pumping. From simple 5m beginner walls through to lead climbing on the arch, our 10oom2 building has something for all levels.


We also have one of the largest bouldering walls in the country, split across two levels and reaching 4.5meters in height. Our bouldering covers simple technical training through to hardcore 45 degree angles.

Gym features (for the climbing nerds):

  • Bouldering height (down stairs) 4.5m, width 20m
  • Bouldering height (upstairs) 3.3m, width 20m
  • A designated training area including a peg board for lock offs, campus board for grip and shoulder strength, about 12 hangboards, a technique training wall.
  • Custom matting with no gaps
  • Over 330sqm of lead climbing.
  • More than 80 top-rope stations
  • LED light crack
  • Slab, vertical, steep to roof, big arch
  • About 50 volumes and giant climbing holds

If you feel like some more traditional cross training why not try our fitness facility, with weights, pull up bars and rings, or even some yoga in the yoga studio.

Our Routesetting

  • We have an easy to use colour grading system that allows you to track your progress easily
  • A great variety of holds from over ten different brands
  • New holds purchases are regular to try and rotate out horrible old ones
  • Educational and creative routes to help develop smarter and more technical climbers
  • An average of 10 new routes and 15 new boulder problems to climb every week to ensure members don’t get bored

Our crazy routesetting team is made up of some of the most experienced routesetters in Australia.

  • Rob with over 15 years experience
  • Blair, Pat and Devious Dan with 5 years each
  • Sam as a national representative of sport climbing
  • Rob and Dan have set on the national routesetting teams multiple times.