We’re Opening. Full plan here.

What’s Happening

We can’t wait to see you all again very soon, and we’re pretty excited for you to see all the changes we’ve been making during this unusual closure(did someone say new West End rope walls?).
However, the impact of COVID-19 will mean that we will be operating under some unusual circumstances as we start to reopen our facilities. We thank-you in advance for your patience and understanding during this time.
Urban Climb Reopening – QueenslandUrban Climb Reopening – Victoria
We’ll be following the guidelines of the Queensland Government; seeing Urban Climb reopen during Phase 2; June 13th, 2020.We’ll be following the guidelines of the Victorian Government; seeing Urban Climb reopen during Phase 2; June 22nd, 2020


All members must complete this 30 second membership preference form so that we can set your personal payment preference.

Reactivating your membership is optional for phase 2.


Membership Preference Form


Key Changes During Phase 2

  • We will be open to active members only  
  • The facilities will have a capacity limit of 20 patrons at one time
  • We will be operating under a booking system for member access
  • There will be 8 x 1.5 hour sessions a day.  
  • No loose chalk. Liquid chalk only
  • Due to the requirement of under 13yrs needing guardian supervision all facilities will be 13+ during Phase 2.
  • There will be 2 sessions for under 13yrs on a Saturday morning at Newstead where UC coaches will be supervising. Parents will not be allowed into the facility during this time.

For more information on the reopening Phases and an extensive list of reopening FAQ’s, head to the Urban Climb website.

Our Covid Safe Plan

As we open our facilities in Phase 2 we will be operating under our Covid Safe plan in accordance with the Queensland and Victorian Government guidelines.

All members will need to agree to follow the guidelines of this plan before entering the facilities.

Supporter Store

We received a huge amount of support through our Urban Climb Supporter Store during the closure. Many of the products purchased in the store were for specific use once the gyms reopen. These products, such as private coaching, and multi-pass visits will be redeemable from Phase 3 (July11th*).

*We are currently unsure of the official date for phase 3 in Victoria. We will make sure to keep all members updated as new guidelines are released by the Victorian Government


The Phases of Urban Climb Reopening

*Unless restriction dates are changed by the authorities



What’s Been Happening in Brisbane?

Milton Wall Renovations
Lockdown presented us with a unique opportunity to tackle a few of our “dream projects” at Milton.
Dream 1: The perspex panels are gone! This means less spinning holds, more volumes, more holds and more climbs!⁠

Dream 2: The Window Wall is now just one big smooth surface. Trust us on this one. Less bumps = good.⁠

Dream 3: The most ambitious tweak of all. We’ve added a slight over hang to the Window Wall. Pumpy!!⁠
New route! (And fresh walls!)
A team of UC staff collected together and scrubbed the walls of Milton and Newstead back to a new glistening state! The pearly white wall were then ready for a complete gym reset of Milton and Newstead!
New Rope Walls
Rope walls are on schedule and should be complete and ready for action by late-June!

Whats Been Happening in Melbourne?

Urban Cafe
While the gym has been closed for climbing the crew having been slinging coffees, and catching up with the many familiar faces that have stopped by Monday and Thursday mornings from 8am to 11am! 
Full Gym Reset
The setters have been working hard setting some epic bangers for you all. We’ll be welcoming you back with air high-fives and a completely reset gym!

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