Urban Climb CV19 – Update – Qld gyms only

Phase 3 is here!

Yesterday we learned that the QLD government will be moving the Phase 3 restrictions start date forward to midday on Friday the 3rd of July.

We will be releasing more detailed information over the coming days, regarding how this will look in the gyms. However from the outset we have decided to arrange our Phase 3 operations in QLD around two guiding principles:

  • Return to, as closely as possible, how things were before COVID; but also
  • Maintaining effective staff and member safety using our CovidSafe practices

We appreciate that the combination of these two ideas will ultimately mean a few compromises and we ask for your continued support as we make this exciting step toward normalcy.

OK, so preamble over. What are the main changes kicking in on Friday midday?


  • The gyms will now be open to members, casuals, youth, spectators and multi-pass holders.
  • No bookings are required, just turn up whenever you like.
  • Session times  have been extended up to a max of 3 hours.

Chalk and brushing

  • Brushing is back and encouraged!
  • We will continue to follow a ‘no loose chalk’ policy. Liquid chalk only.


  • Yoga and fitness classes will start to phase back into the mix over the coming month
  • Classes will have a maximum capacity of 10 or less depending on space
  • Please actively assist our fitness/yoga instructors in wiping down equipment at the beginning and end of each session

Hygiene and safety

  • Our full CovidSafe plan remains in place which includes:
    • Higher route/problem rotation
    • Frequent cleaning schedule rotation
    • In-gym social distancing practices
    • No more temperature checks in Phase 3!

    We ask your continued support around our hygiene and safety practices


  • Dog’s no longer banned

Gym Opening Hours

From Saturday the 4th of July (this weekend) our gyms will be reverting back to our pre-closure hours on the weekends:

  • West End: 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Milton: 8:00am to 8:00pm
  • Newstead: 8:00am to 8:00pm

For more information head to our updated Phase 3 FAQ page here.

Those that wish to remain on a free suspension can do so by filling out this extended suspension request survey.

We understand some members may not be in the position to start their memberships back at the moment. Please let us know how you’re doing, so we can work with you to support your personal situation during this turbulent time.

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