Urban Climb CV19 – Update – 31/03/2020

Hi all,
A week before our closure we started to reach out to you all and ask what you’d like to do with your membership payments during the big sleep.
We’ve done our best to stabilise the ship and our epic community has come to the rescue with many choosing to continue with their payments in some form. As there is a lot of uncertainty around at the moment, we set up three suspension options as a ‘starting point’ (you can change these anytime moving forward).
  • Continued full payments: For those financially able, we asked if they would consider supporting Urban Climb during our closure with continued payments. This support drastically improves our chances of surviving this period and allows us to continue paying a sizable number of staff.
  • Suspend at $5/week: Most members in a position to do so opted for this choice, this base level of support is helping us to cover our base costs while closed. There’s no option between this and full payments so if you’d like to support us but can’t commit to full then this is the one
  • Suspend at $0/week: The lock-up option! Our community is hugely diverse, depending on your financial situation or personal views this may be the best choice and we look forward to seeing you when we open again at some point in the future
How do I update my choice?
You can email or message our business pages on Facebook, alternatively, we’ve created a simple survey here you can complete right now and we’ll use it to check we have you set up properly and update your preference if it’s changed.
But what do we get for our support?
We offer a vastly improved chance that were waiting here ready to welcome you all back after the closures, a huge party (imagine this will be once we’re legally allowed to gather in such numberS) and there’s been talk of a funky t-shirt.
I’ve had some mysterious payments come out of my account.
We’ve had an interesting (stressful) week and a half with our main debit provider Debit Success and this may have affected a few members.
Debit success has closed their direct call support and online administration while they adjust to this new situation. Gyms have been asked to provide all variations in bulk lists and face a fairly long wait time for these variations to go through.
We submitted a list of member payment preferences on Tuesday last week. This was executed late in the afternoon on Friday. There were two issues caused by this delay:
  • Some members had changed their preference in the time between Tuesday and Friday (these bulk changes are being actioned this afternoon); and
  • The delay in update of almost a week created a pro-rata charge of either $5 or $10 for some members on Friday
We’ve now spoken to most of you and aim to have this all ironed out by the end of today and the out of sequence payment credited back to your account. From tomorrow our online portal will be back up and running and our team can update member accounts in real time once more.
We apologise deeply for any concern or distress this has caused, we have a big team here looking after calls, emails and messages so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any issues. 
Government announced wage subsidy and other government support
Up until yesterday the government support announced for small business was not very helpful for Urban Climb. However yesterday the government announced a wage subsidy for the period of the shutdown which got us very excited indeed. This week we will be learning about the subsidy, and how we might utilise to support more of our team through the months ahead.
Thank you,

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