Urban Climb CV19 – Update – 12/03/2020

Dear Climbers,
We believe that it is important that our community is kept in loop with regards to CV19 and our current operations.
As this situation evolves, we plan to use this space as a central information point for you to refer to for future updates.
See below for our most recent update.
— Urban Climb CV19 – Update – 12/03/2020 —

A few of you may have seen the community post earlier today regarding Coronavirus (CV19obe wondering what is happening within Urban Climb in response to this health issue.

This isn’t actually the first time Urban has had to deal with extreme adversity. In 2011 we were severely flooded. As the waters receded, we arrived at the gym to not only an unimaginable mess but also an army of members there ready to get us back into shape. We were open and operating again only 24 hours later.

The spread of CV19 is of a scale and impact well beyond that of the floods but the principles within Urban Climb are the same. We need to all come together to face this issue as a communityRight now, that means:

  • washing hands carefully and thoroughly before and after entering the facility, climbing or training;
  • Practicing good sneeze and cough hygiene;
  • staying away from UC if you feel unwell, have encountered someone at risk from CV19 within the last two weeks, or have been to a high risk area; and
  • avoiding touching your face whilst in the gym

If everyone did these  four single steps it would go a long way to reducing community transmission within the gyms. Urban Climb has responded internally to CV19 by increasing:

  • cleaning within the gyms, including regular cleaning of door handles, gym equipment and other popular surfaces;
  • general cleaning supply stocks and hand soap/sanitiser;
  • awareness and signage in the gyms; and
  • awareness among staff to follow the steps above

We will be closely monitoring the situation and following advice from authorities over coming weeks and updating our response accordingly. As a community, we will be able confront CV19 together (even if we are standing at least 2m apart).

Urban Climb will continue to provide a regular updates as the situation evolves.

Thank you,

Team UC

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