Re-opening – Operation


Below is a comprehensive list of all changes and what they will mean for you.

These restrictions currently apply to our Collingwood facility.


Climbing (Who & When)

Opening hours

We’ll be open 6am – 10pm Monday to Friday. On weekends we’ll be open 8am – 8pm.

Can I just rock up and climb?

Yes you can! Booking is no longer required.

Who can climb

Everyone! We’ll be open to all customers. This includes members, multi-pass and casuals.

How long can I climb for?

We ask that you limit your session times to 3 hours, to ensure venue capacity is not exceeded.

Queuing & Priority Booking

Are bookings still required?

Booking is no longer required. If you rock up and we’ve reached capacity you’ll join the queue and receive a text message once a space becomes available.

Queuing - What happens if the gym is full?

We have implemented a queueing system to help smoothen the ‘wait-before-entering’ process.

If you enter the gym during a period where we are at capacity you will be asked to scan in and join the queue. You will receive a text message to confirm your place in the queue, followed by a text message once a place has become available. You have 15minutes to return to the gym and scan in after receiving the ‘place now available’ text.

I don't want to climb, can I still come in?

If there’s capacity spectators will be allowed in the gym. You’ll be required to scan in upon entering.

Visiting the Gym

I have flu like symptoms , can I still come in and climb?

No. Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough, or difficultly breathing, please stay home and seek medical care if needed. In case you missed it…PLEASE STAY HOME.

Do I have to wear a face mask?

Yes, masks are currently required while visiting the gym.

Can I use cash to pay?

No. We will be only be accepting card payments.

I have missed the Urban Climb staff and members, can I give them a hug?

Hey! Back off! Please, no hugging! Air hi-fives are fine though. Please keep a 1.5 meter distance from staff and other climbers.

Can I bring my dog along to the gym?

Yes, please do! We’ve missed all our members dogs.

Equipment & Facilities

Let's talk chalk

Both liquid chalk and chalk balls are permitted

Can I hire chalk and shoes?

You will be able to hire chalk and shoes, they will be sanitised between users.

Can we brush holds?

Absolutely. Brushing is encouraged!

Can I have a shower after my climb?

Yes! Showers and other communal spaces will be reopened.

Can I still use the weights and gym areas?

Yes, pump that iron! There will be cleaning procedures in place after using equipment that all members must follow.

Yoga & Fitness Classes

Can I attend physical yoga/fitness classes?

Yes – Yoga classes are back up and running. Capacity will be limited to 10 people per class.

I want to use the yoga room, do I need to bring in my own yoga mat?

All yoga equipment will be available. There will be cleaning procedures in place after using equipment that all users must follow.


What's happening with my membership?

Memberships will resume, please contact us if you would like to continue suspension.

Route Setting

Will there be less problems on the walls?

No, the gym will return to regular route density.

How often will the climbs be changed?

There will be 2 resets per week.

We understand that was a lot of info to take in. We hope it all made sense.

Still have questions?

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