Phase 3 – Operation


Below is a comprehensive list of all changes and what they will mean for you.

These restrictions currently apply to our Brisbane facilities.

Climbing (Who & When)

Opening hours

We’ll be returning to pre-covid business hours.

Monday to Friday

6am – 10pm | all gyms


10am – 8 pm | West End

8 am – 8 pm | Milton & Newstead

Who can climb?

All Queensland gyms are open to everyone. Members, visit pass holders and casuals.

How long can I climb for?

Session times will be limited to 3 hours, to ensure venue capacity is not exceeded.

Can I just rock up and climb?

Yes you can! Booking is no longer required.

Entering the Gym

I have flu like symptoms , can I still come in and climb?

No. Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough, or difficultly breathing, please stay home and seek medical care if needed. In case you missed it…PLEASE STAY HOME.

Do I have to wear a face mask?

Yes. Masks are mandatory, on and off the wall.

Can I use cash to pay?

No. We will be only be accepting card payments.

Can I bring my dog along to the gym?

Yes, please do! We’ve missed all our members dogs.

I have missed the Urban Climb staff and members, can I give them a hug?

Hey! Back off! Please, no hugging! Air hi-fives are fine though. We will still need to work on maintaining social distancing when in the gyms.

Equipment & Facilities

Venue Capacity

Our venues will be capped at a capacity that complies with the 1 person per 4 sqm limit set by the QLD government. This limit is conveniently around the same as our peak capacity on a busy night. We don’t expect to exceed this limit, however if we do, the wait should not be long.

Let's talk chalk

We will be operating under a ‘no powdered chalk’ policy.

You may only use liquid chalk.

Can I brush holds?

Yes! Brushing is allowed and encouraged.

Can I hire chalk, harnesses and shoes?

Chalk will be unavailable for hire, in line with our ‘no powder chalk’ policy. You will be able to hire a harness and shoes. These items will sanitised between users.

Can I have a shower after my climb?

Yes. Communal spaces will be reopened in Phase 3

Can I still use the weights and gym areas?

Yes. These areas can be used during Phase 3. There will be cleaning procedures in place after using equipment that all users must follow.

Yoga & Fitness Classes

Can I attend physical yoga/fitness classes?

Yes! We are gradually resuming yoga and fitness classes throughout Phase 3

How many people will be in each physical class?

10 people or less depending on space. Class sizes have been reduced to allow for appropriate social distancing measures.

Are the online classes still going to run?

No. As we move into Phase 3 digital classes will no longer run

Do I need to bring in my own yoga mat?

Yes! If you have one. Alternatively you can borrow one of our matts. We will be asking all attendees to wipe down their equipment after each class

Kids & Youth Classes

When will the Youth Program start back up?

The Youth Program will be restarting from July 18th. 

We’re currently accepting new signups. Click here for further info

How will the Youth Classes run in Phase 3?

Classes will return to a semi normal state while following social distancing measures.

  • There will be no Skill Gecko classes until further notice.
  • There will be a new schedule for the Spiders and some groups of Goannas. Parents will be sent an email with further information.
  • Classes will be divided into smaller groups and climbing in zones within the gyms


What's happening with my membership during Phase 3?

Memberships will remain the same. Suspended accounts will be reactivated when you scan to climb at one of the facilities.

What if I can't afford my membership in Phase 3?

Those that wish to remain on a free suspension can do so by filling out this extended suspension request survey to remain on a free suspension.

We understand some members may not be in the position to start their memberships back at the moment. Please let us know how you’re doing, so we can work with you to support your personal situation during this turbulent time.

Can I use my free +1 member benefit?

Yes! You can now use your monthly free +1

Route Setting

What’s happening with route setting?

The route setting schedule will be returning to normal in phase 3. Each gym will have 2 – resets per week.

West EndMiltonNewstead
Tuesday and Thursday Mondays and FridaysTuesdays and Thursdays

We understand that was a lot of info to take in. We hope it all made sense.

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