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Rock climbing around Melbourne: Grampians (sport climbing)

Rock climbing around Melbourne: Grampians (sport climbing) Once you’ve sampled the boulders of The Grampians, you can’t help but look up and beyond. There’s kilometres of cliff-line, and it’s packed with some of the highest quality sandstone rock climbing in the world. To foreign climbers, the historic Taipan Wall features perhaps the best known rock climbing routes in Australia. With

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Rock climbing around Melbourne: Grampians (bouldering)

Rock climbing around Melbourne: Grampians (bouldering) Perhaps the only thing that could make Mt Arapiles a better rock climbing destination, is if there was world class bouldering and sport climbing within an hours drive. Oh wait… The Grampians are every bit as good at Mt Arapiles, if for different reasons. Better known among non-climbers, the Grampians is a holiday destination

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Mt Arapiles – Rock climbing around Melbourne. pt.1

Rock climbing around Melbourne: Mt Arapiles Traddie baddie, hex clangers can’t get enough of this place – and for good reason. Mt Arapiles is a world class, internationally renowned traditional rock climbing destination. Many monumental moments in Australian (and, really, world) rock climbing have taken place on this bullet hard sandstone. Wolfgang Gullich journeyed here in 1985 to climb the

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Member interview – Urban Climb Collingwood: Jack Abbott

This month at Urban Climb, we’re shining the spotlight on the ladies and gents who make up our community – it’s Members Month! This week: Urban Climb Collingwood. So yeah, we know – Collingwood isn’t actually open yet, but Jack was psyched enough to sign up for a foundation membership, so we wanted to touch base! Here’s our chat. What

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