Rock climbing around Melbourne: Grampians (bouldering)

Rock climbing around Melbourne:

Grampians (bouldering)

Perhaps the only thing that could make Mt Arapiles a better rock climbing destination, is if there was world class bouldering and sport climbing within an hours drive. Oh wait… The Grampians are every bit as good at Mt Arapiles, if for different reasons.

Better known among non-climbers, the Grampians is a holiday destination for hikers and families throughout the year, but for climbers, it shelters some treasured rock indeed. With more than 5,000 routes and boulder problems on rock-hard, stunning orange sandstone, it’s somewhere that you simply have to travel. There’s no doubt that the Grampians would feature on anyone’s list of top international rock climbing destinations.

Trip report: Pat Banda

It’s always exciting travelling to a new place with a psyched group of friends to go rock climbing. The first time I ventured to the Grampians, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had obviously seen lots of photos of its epic walls, world class bouldering and beautiful scenery, but experiencing something first hand is always different.

We drove in to the range in the late afternoon. Our excitement only grew the closer we got to the massive rock formations that were becoming visible across the fields. By the time we hit the campground it was dark, but of course that didn’t stop us from throwing down some pads and lighting up the gorgeous orange sandstone with our head torches. Sampling the classics of the campground we got a taste of what was to come in the following week and following trips.

If there’s one problem I’ll never forget, it’s Wimmelfriedhoff. It has spectacular movement, and in an incredible position. The Grampians is a truly awe-inspiring place. Each time I visit, I test myself a little harder, I climb a little bolder and I never struggle to find features and lines that draw me in and become obsessions until the next time I visit.

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