Continued Full Payment

This is a small thank-you for those that have been able to offer their ongoing support during this tricky time. We appreciate the support you have been able to give us and would like to provide you with this membership deal in return.


We can’t thank-you enough for you’re on-going support during the current closure! We’re waiting here ready to welcome you all back after the closures! In the meantime we’ve created this very unique deal just for you!

Upon re-opening all continued paying members will receive:

  • A special Urban Climb t-shirt
  • First timer access with a weekend of climbing in the new gym (West End OR Richmond) before everyone else
  • The opportunity to purchase one-off member credit for your personal account at 40% off when we when reopen (up to a retail value of $1500)
  • 2 automatic tickets entered into the Lifetime Membership Raffle

Members will need to be on continuing memberships until we re-open to unlock these benefits.

If you are financially able and would like to opt in to continue paying your membership you’ll need to update your membership preference with us by May 11th, 2020 to access these benefits. Contact Us Here.