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The Lockdown 

Going into lockdown was scary and plagued with uncertainty. Pretty much everyone in the climbing community was thinking the same thing: What happens now? How do we stay connected? How will I train? Will we ever climb together again? 

No one knew the answer but, thanks to the power of the internet, we managed to figure it all out together. Within a few days of closing the gym, the online community was exploding with creativity, encouragement and generosity.

Climbers were scouting the house for ledges to climb, sharing their DIY training rig set-ups, posting at home workout ideas, scavenging for materials for hang boards and the woody revival was in full swing. It was an at home training renaissance, and as it turned out, lock down live wasn’t that bad!  

Now with all this time on our hands, there were no excuses. It was time to train. Everyone was motivated to dedicate this time to getting strong and emerging from lockdown stronger than when it started.

With so much passion for training coming from within the community, we realised we were in a unique position. We had the equipment, the trainers, the knowledge, we just had to get it to the community! So, we created the Urban Climb Training Community. 

What was the Urban Climb Training Community? 

We decided to create a new space, which was dedicated to training and would act as a centralised space to share our training resources with the community. The goal was simple: keep everyone connected, motivated to train and provide the resources to do so. 

Over the initial 3 months that the gyms were closed, the staff behind the scenes worked furiously to get as many ideas and content online as possible. It was rough at times, live streams connections were a little bumpy, but lessons were learned, and some golden nuggets of content were created! 

Now as lockdown is easing and the gyms wake back up, we wanted to capture the gold and store the timeless content that will be relevant well after COVID-19 fades into obscurity. 

So here it is, a directory of links to content that was created during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown.


Yoga Online

Transport yourself into the yoga studio’s of our Milton and Collingwood venues, and join our instructors for an at home yoga session!

This playlists features a range of different yoga sessions, some focused on mastering specific poses, targeting particular parts of the body or following a particular theme. If you’re looking for some at home guided practice, this is the place to start.


Stefs Yoga Series 

After recording a number of different start to finish yoga sessions, Stef wanted to try something different with the format. The goal of this series was to offer a modular class system. In total, there are 3 full classes available in this series. However, each class has been broken up into 3 seperate segments: intro, body & cool-down.

The goal here was to provide the option to create custom yoga sessions. Maybe you just want to do 3 easy intro segments, or an extra long class. You can sequence the videos in any way you like!


Fitness with Frank (& Hugh)

With Climbfit cancelled, it wasn’t long before Frank was itching to dish out some punishment. The fitness with Frank series is a series of 9 fitness challenges that anyone can do from home without the need for any fancy equipment.

Frank, with his talented assistant Hugh, will walk you through all of the correct form and technique for each exercise. Plus a quick warm up and warm down, complete with hint of techno to get your heart rate up. Just like a real Climbfit session!

This series is great for building your general fitness and ensuring you meet your weekly Frank quota.


Fitness with Zac

T0 compliment our Franks fitness challenges, Zac created a few follow-along-at-home style fitness sessions. In these sessions Zac will walk you through a core work out and general warm up from start to finish.

These sessions a short and sweet, and are great for those in need of a quick fitness session to keep active at home.


Mobility with Jack

Armed with a trusty Nalgene, towel and some other house hold items, Jack created a series of mobility and rehab routines that anyone could do from home to help compliment their training and keep their bodies mobile.

These videos are more of an educational format. Jack will walk you through a range of exercises that you can do at home, to target those niggly-bits, fix that stiffness and ensure your body is function correctly to prevent those pesky training injuries.


Mobility with Jasmine

Similar to Jack’s mobility series, Jasmine created a few different climbing related mobility classes to help compliment any at home training program.

Grab a comfortable spot and follow along with Jasmine as she works through a few different routines to keep you climbing strong!


Handstand Sessions with Moe

Handstands are tricky, it’s basically like learning to walk again, and they take a lot of time and practice. Thankfully there was plenty of time for learning new hobbies during lockdown and our resident handstand guru Moe was ready to reveal his handstand secrets.

These sessions are a great starting point for anyone looking to learn how to handstand. Moe walks you through everything from warm ups, injury prevention, technique and training drills for beginners and intermediate hand-standers.



Created through a collaboration between our head route setter Dan Gordon, and head coach Khosro, this is the ultimate training resource for anyone looking to train with little to no equipment and it’s simple enough to be used by almost anyone.

What is it: A 10-week training program that can be completed at home.


  • +16 years old
  • No health issues/serious injury
  • A proper level of movement understanding
  • Great level of self-observation
  • Basic excel knowledge


The program can be found by clicking here. This is a very detailed excel spreadsheet. It may seem a little complicated, but don’t be afraid if you’re a new excel user, it’s very self-explanatory.

With-in it you will find:

  • Full program breakdown & progression,
  • 10-week workout schedule
  • Information about each exercise + how to videos for each exercise
  • Weekly exercise routine breakdown

To ensure that all of this makes sense, Khosro also created a set of tutorial videos that walk you through the entire program, page by page in great detail. Check them out if you’re lost. They are linked within the document, but can also be found here.


    Ryan Cornelius, supreme run leader


Having observed the footpath congestion increasing through out lockdown, our resident Forrest Gump – Ryan decided to embrace the trend and encourage new runners to join him on a quest to run.

What is it: A Strava group for Urban Climb members, united by a common goal to run arbitrary distances, headed by Ryan.

The quests

The original goal of the group was to collectively run from Brisbane to Collingwood – 1600 km’s. Well after 7 days, it turned out that the Urban Climb community was better at running than we’d expected. The 1600 km Collingwood goal was reached in less than a week. Since then the group has:

  • Run from Collingwood to Perth – 3,420 km
  • Half completed the “7 summits challenge” – 45,544 meter’s elevation
  • Organised a group run in support of NAIDOC week

How to get involved

It’s easy, just jump on Strava and request to join the UC RUN CLUB group. You don’t have to pay for the app, it’s free! Although there are options to pay, if you want extra features.

Here is a link to the group: link

Ryan’s Runner Rehab

It seemed like everyone with a pair of shoes was hitting the pavement and going for a run to keep up their aerobic fitness during lockdown. Which was great but it was bound to result in some injuries and thankfully Ryan ready to come to the rescue.

The runner rehab series is a very detailed “run down” on common running issues, prevention and treatment. For anyone looking to get into regular running or experiencing issues, this is the series for you.


Woody Time

DIY woody builds were a hot topic during lockdown, with a heap of new woody owners delving into the world of route setting for the first time. So, as an educational PSA, Dan and Sam teamed up to create the ultimate woody setting masterclass.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to get into the logistics of actually building a woody. Instead this series is a thorough walk through, detailing everything you need to know for a first time woody set. From tool selection, to correct practice and the creative processes, Dan and Sam have a heap of knowledge to share.



Couch Setter featuring Pat Banda

Couch Setter

Lockdown didn’t just affect the public. We had a whole crew of setters that were confined to small spaces, with no were to drill. So, Pat Banda did created something revolutionary: Couch Setting.

What is it: A digital substitute for route setting, using our holds and walls! It’s not perfect but it does the job.

How does it work? 

The hurdle in creating online route setting is presenting a 3d space on a 2d screen, so there was some compromise. To resolve this issue we ended up photographing a few of our favourite slabs and holds from the same angle. Now everything is from the correct perspective, and can be dragged and dropped onto a digital canvas! Truely groundbreaking stuff.

How to access it

You will need a computer. Unfortunately, we’re not talented enough to make something for mobile just yet. Assuming you have a computer handy, you can click here and straight into it!





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