Base Camp Training is a group of experienced strength coaches with a passion for the mountains. Since starting in 2012, over 300 people have trained hard under our guidance and supervision, going on to summit peaks all over the world. Clients range from first time trekkers through to summits climbers and local athletes including the Sum 8 Team. Drawing on varied experience in High Altitude Mountaineering, Alpine Climbing, Competition Climbing and Iron Man Triathlons, we now offer our skills and knowledge to the benefit of the Urban Climb Community. Our coaching philosophy is one  based heavily on the principles of strength and conditioning, with each session planned and executed with purpose. Our overarching goal is to improve your climbing performance, knowledge of the body, general strength and foster continual improvements in your lifestyle. We offer a suite of classes that are included for all Urban Climb members, as well as semi-private coaching, endurance training, strength programs and tailored 1 on 1 coaching. To arrange a free 1 on 1 Adventure Consultation with one of our experienced coaches, contact us via our website here.

Boulder HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training has been used in varying forms to increase strength and general fitness throughout multiple disciplines within sports science. Boulder HIIT is an original Urban Climb/Base Camp creation, which integrates climbing specific movements both on and off the boulder for variety and climbing specific adaptions. These sessions are delivered in a traditional HIIT format with max repetitions and minimal, timed rests.

Required Gear: Please bring a pair of old climbing shoes and chalk

Objective: Increased work capacity specific to climbing
Intensity Rating: 5 out of 5

Urban MetCon

Sometimes you just wanna turn the music up, throw down and get sweaty, that’s what Urban MetCon is all about. We combine elements of interval training, metabolic conditioning as well as strength and power development to ensure your body knows that you trained hard. Urban MetCon is our most varied class, and whilst it is suitable to all levels, it is best used in conjunction with a solid strength training program.

Objective: Increased work capacity in general
Intensity Rating: 4 out of 5

Urban Strength

Strength is the foundation of all ability and allows us to live long healthy lives. Urban Strength applies tried and tested strength principles like Time Under Tension, tempo guides, and adequate rest with an emphasis on improving technique. This is general strength training suitable to people of all levels.

Objective: Increased strength gains in general
Intensity Rating: 3 out of 5

Urban Core
As the name suggests, Urban Core is group session where core strength becomes our major focus of development. For 45 minutes we work hard on this often neglected area, whilst integrating mobility and flexibility drills during the “rest” period to keep you both strong and injury free. Despite it being basic training, it is hard but doable for all levels.

This session is held in the loft yoga space.

Objective: Core strength, Joint mobility, flexibility

Intensity Rating: 4 out of 5









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