Feeling adventurous and want to come for a boulder session?

There are 3 simple things you’ll need to do to get started:

  1. Milton is a 13+ facility, if you are under 13 check out West End here.
  2. Fill out our online waiver.
  3. Attend a demo (run every 30 minutes between the times listed below).

– Mon-Fri 12-7PM (last demo occurs at 6:30PM)

– Sat-Sun 10-2PM (last demo occurs at 1:30PM).

Take me to the waiver


The beauty of bouldering is no climbing partner is necessary. Bouldering is arguably more sociable than climbing so grab your chalk and shoes, come down and try the problems and meet some cool people.

Still can’t find anyone to come climbing?

Urban Climb is a very social environment, why not sign up to Climbing 101 at West End. This beginners course is a great way to find climbing partners (and learn great climbing technique).

One on one climbing tuition is also available for climbers wanting the ultimate in personalised lessons or to fast-track their climbing progress.


If you are 13+ you’ll be able to climb at Urban Climb Milton. First you will need your waiver to be filled out by your mum or dad (or legal guardian).

Click here for the waiver >

For those under 13, check out Urban Climb West End.


We love birthdays, Christmas parties and social gatherings so much that we’ll give you a group discount and even your own party area!

At Milton we only offer 13+ events, so if you’re underage head over to Urban West End here.

Get in touch with us to make your next event awesome. Groups of 10 or more require an advanced booking. Check it out here.