Member interview – Urban Climb Collingwood: Jack Abbott

This month at Urban Climb, we’re shining the spotlight on the ladies and gents who make up our community – it’s Members Month! This week: Urban Climb Collingwood.

So yeah, we know – Collingwood isn’t actually open yet, but Jack was psyched enough to sign up for a foundation membership, so we wanted to touch base! Here’s our chat.

What led to the move down to Melbourne?
I lost my job in Brisbane. That was a total bummer but then I found an even better job in Melbourne. I accepted the job and 6 days later I was living down here. It was a whirlwind!


How does rock climbing fit into your life (before work, fitness, addicted, outdoor, etc.)? Have you kept up with your rock climbing since getting down to Melbourne?
I always try to combine climbing with a bike ride and in Melbourne that makes it much easier. I try to sneak in a climb 3-4 times a week directly after work or early on the weekend. I go to Northside and Lactic religiously but I’ve also been down to Cliffhanger in Altona North. The Grampians are next on the list when I figure my life out down here.


What is it about the Urban Climb gyms that keeps you coming back, and what prompted your Collingwood Foundation Membership sign up?
I forged super strong friendships through climbing and I come back time and again for those. Urban climb would sometimes be the nexus for these relationships where we would meet up for a climb and then get a drink or something to eat afterwards.

Urban Climb is also just a really comprehensive set of gyms with good walls, interesting problems (easy and hard), campus boards, warm up areas, gym equipment, dedicated training walls, ropes AND classes. With every other gym I have encountered you have to pick just 3 of those things.


What’s something you wish you knew when you first started climbing?
I wish I knew how to not wreck my muscles and ligaments. Just months after I started climbing I hurt my shoulder and it never quite recovered.

Random one: if you could meet anyone in the world – dead or alive – who would it be?
It might be Robert Johnson. I’d like to ask him about the crossroads and the pact me made with the devil. Because if the devil still trades in souls and mastery then you know I’m selling my soul for infinite skill. Of course!


And finally, what’s your favourite thing about the Urban Community?
The community is just so welcoming and friendly. Every time I climb I find myself chatting to a new face about a problem and I just love that. Strangers working together towards a common goal, that’s pretty special.

Thanks for chatting Jack – catch you at the launch party!

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