How to Book a Climbing Session

How to Book a Climbing Session

The booking system is locked on 1 booking a day. You can however scoop up a few additional ‘Book Last Minute’ spots that won’t count towards your visit quota if you wish to climb more than once in a day. These are sessions that are due to start within the hour but are not currently full.

Direct debit members can book online using their member barcode number. If your membership is currently on suspension you’ll need to reactivate to book into a session.

Under 13 Years

Newstead and West End are now open to under 13yrs members provided they are accompanied by a guardian who is also an active Urban Climb member.
If your child is a member but you as a guardian are not we will be running a supervised 8am Saturday session at Newstead. This session is supervised by our coaching team. Parents will not be allowed into the facility during this time due to the 20 patron facility capacity.

Steps to reactivating your membership:

  1. Login into the Booking System with your UC barcode

  2. If you are suspended you will see a pop-up window asking if you want to remove the suspension now.

  3. Once you select ‘Ok’ you will receive an email confirming your choice.

  4. To remove the suspension you must click the link in the email. This will take you to a page requesting conformation on your reactivation

  5. If you have any issues reactivating your membership you’ll need to contact us and request that your membership be reactivated. This process can take up to 48 hours.

To provide more options for members to access the climbing walls and gyms we’ve split all Brisbane gyms into ‘Zones’. During a session you will not be able to freely move between these zones, but must remain in the zone you booked into.

Milton ZonesNewstead ZonesWest End ZonesCollingwood Zones
Zone 1: Climbing Area (20)Zone 1: Newstead -Main Building (16)Zone 1: Concrete Walls (20)Zone 1: Nugget (16)
Zone 2: Basement (10)Zone 2: Twostead (16)Zone 2: Arch (12)Zone 2: Ding Dong (16)
Zone 3: New Wall + Demo (20)
Zone 4: Gym (5)

How to Book a Session

  1. Log into the Booking System using your Urban Climb barcode.
  2. Selected which gym you wish to climb at
  3. Select which zone you wish to book into
  4. Your booking will appear Green when you’ve booked a session. You will also receive a booking conformation email. To cancel a booking re-click on the Green booking. A conformation box will then pop up to confirm the booking. Once confirmed you will receive a cancellation conformation email.
  5. You can book into a ‘Book Last Minute’ session within an hour of that session starting. This booking will not count towards your 1 per day quantity.

Booking History

Want to see a condensed view of all your past and future bookings? Select the History button in the top right corner of your booking page.

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