Covid 19 – Phase 3 Operational Improvements

Phase 3 so far.

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks getting into the swing of Phase 3 restrictions in Qld, along the way welcoming back a bunch of keen casual climbers back into the gyms and throwing out the strict booking system.

As part of Phase 3 and in line with our CovidSafe plan we have introduced a max cap at each gym to better achieve social distancing. It’s been great getting back on the walls in a gym that is noticeably less busy during peak times but it appears to have come at a cost of, sometimes long, queuing to get in for a weeknight session.

As a result of this we plan to introduce the following improvements over the next week. Before we go into detail on what we’re doing on our end we would like to remind climbers that in phase 3 the maximum session time is 3 hours and ask that, in consideration of your fellow climbers, if climbing during a peak time you endeavour to be more efficient with your time.

What are we doing to make this better?

Bookings! We’re bringing back bookings. Kind of… There will be an allocation of places during peak times that members can book advance. This should be particularly handy for members with work or family commitments. This optional booking will not be a requirement for members, you can still turn up and climb, however you may end up queuing for a session in peak times if you haven’t booked.

Live buzz gauge. We are going to release a live online usage gauge on our website so climbers will be better informed of where and when it is best to go and can make and change plans on the fly.

Better systems. Up until now we have been using a capacity ‘estimate’ to calculate current gym capacity. As a result of this you may have noticed that sometimes a spot opens for no apparent reason, or that a climber leaves and no one is let in! We will update our capacity measuring system and processes so that it will act a little more in line with how you would imagine.

What can you do to help?

3 hours max. Under our phase 3 operating plans we are limiting maximum session times to 3 hours. In consideration of your fellow climbers, if climbing during a peak time you endeavour to be relatively efficient with your time before, during and after each session.

Off peak sessions. If you are fairly time flexible, consider moving your regular climb to off-peak times such as early mornings, weekdays before 5:00pm or the last few hours of late night opening on a weeknight / weekend.

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