101 Course

Learn the basics, and start moving through the grades with our introductory climbing & bouldering courses

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202 Course

Build your understanding of movement, training and technique with our intermediate bouldering and climbing courses

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Private Coaching

Custom lessons and coaching created just for you.

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Lead Course

Everything you need to know to stay safe leading indoors, run in three 3-hour sessions

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Lead Assessment

An assessment of your well established skills in lead climbing. You will need to have a lead assessment before you are able to freely lead climb in the gym.

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  • Climbing Classes
  • Adult Program Climbing Classes
    • We offer a range of adult climbing classes at Urban Climb.
    • Want to master the basics of bouldering, climbing, or lead? We’ve got options for all.
    • Booking required, with a regular rotation of classes each month on offer.

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If you are new please attend an Urban
Climb Safety Demo before attending a
climbing class

Some classes may require a certain level
of skill and experience to attend

Double check your class venue ahead of
time, some classes are run across
multiple venues

West End

Top rope & lead climbing