A guided learning adventure through Urban Climb, and an introduction to climbing technique

In a collaborative group environment, facilitated by our friendly instructors, you will be introduced to fundamental climbing techniques, our venues, and the Urban Climb experience

Session 1
  • The rules of footwork
  • Climbing with straight arms
  • Twisting, and using your hips
Session 2
  • Different types of climbing holds
  • Climbing terminology
  • How to ‘read’ a route
Step 1
Session 3
  • Improving balance
  • Rock-overs
  • High-steps

$129  / $249

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What the Climb101 alumni say…

Genya is an amazing coach and provides so much insight into the world of climbing. I only wish there was a Climbing102, Climbing103, etc.!


– Michael

Genya was AMAZING as a coach in Climbing101! I feel like it has really benefited me in my climbing journey, now over 6 months down the road and I’ve improved so much in my climbing.


– Gen

Any questions about the course? Reach out and we’ll give you the info you need