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Our venue operations are changing rapidly in response to the evolving COVID-19 regulations.  For the latest information on how our venues are operating across QLD and VIC, head to the link below.

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I've never climbed before, can I come along?

Come on in!

We spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that our climbing gyms cater to climbers of every ability.

Firstly fill out our online waiver then come on in while we’re open and we’ll run you through a safety demo, from there you can climb as little or much as you like!

What do I wear?

Bring comfortable, sporty clothes. Super short shorts are best avoided as the climbing harness may get a little uncomfortable. Climbing shoes are compulsory. If you hire them, please bring socks.

Dress for the weather, we do our best to climate control the gyms but it may be quite cool or warm depending on the conditions that day.

Do I need to book in?

In general there is no need to book,

If you are coming with a group of ten or more climbers then it would be well worth giving us a call to let us know or organising a group booking which has the added benefit of a group discount.

Am I too weak to climb?

A common misconception in rock climbing is that you need big strong arms and fingers or steel to pull you up the wall,

sure this can help however your back and legs will be doing a lot more of the work, particularly on lower angled walls with big holds, which we have a lot of!

Can I bring kids?

We love kids!

If you are bringing anyone under 18 make sure that either you are the legal guardian or that you have had a legal guardian or parent complete our online waiver to avoid disappointment.

We have no minimum age at Urban Climb West End* or at Newstead, but at Milton and Collingwood, it’s 13+.

Yoga and fitness classes are 16+.

*Any age can climb on the ropes at West End, but you must be 13 or older to belay (hold the rope for your partner), or climb on the bouldering wall.

Is there a maximum weight limit?

We have a ceiling weight limit of 120kg.

For our bouldering gyms we ask additionally that you self assess that you are ‘fit to fall’ regardless of weight.

Where are you located?

We have facilities in West End, Milton, Newstead and Collingwood – check them out here.

Take a look at our About Page for a map!

What times are you open?


Collingwood – Milton – Newstead

6am – 10pm Weekdays

8am – 8pm Weekends

8am – 8pm Public Holidays

West End

6am – 10pm Weekdays

10am – 8pm Weekends

8am – 8pm Public Holidays